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I cant even remember the last 'Diary Post' – everything I wrote since then is stored somewhere in my head, but only there. So many ideas, plans, goals ! So, let's start..
There was a lot of happening since my Roadtrip. Got back to Sydney – as you know – lived there in a hostel until I was fed up, in a shared house until I got kicked out, on a couch until I found a car, in my car until I finally left this place. That's a life.
I will give my best to keep my '2016 story' going through some articles, to wrap my experiences up and to pick out my best tips for you. Here, in this diary, I can't tell my story more detailed– missed it – have to focus on the present moment, on what's happening right here and now. So what is happening now ? I am in Byron Bay, sitting together with some crazy people from all over the world, drinking a cold beer, writing this and listening to a pretty interesting discussion about the best and cheapest wine in town. (I should definitely write an article about it!)
Left Sydney about 3 weeks ago (I'm distracted – scusy), made a little Roadtrip together with a french guy I've met back in the hostel-times and arrived here in beautiful Byron Bay !
Enjoyed the last two weeks at their best, while doing some exploring, a lot of party and spending most of my days at the beach. Beside that I also found a job and some new friends.
Oh, and I'm broke again, broke but happy.
So get your sh** together Kim and work !