I have already showed a few pictures of the impressive Opera house you can find in the northern part of Sydney and want to ad some information to honor that building as much as it deserves it.
Most of you do have probably already seen it on several pictures as it is undoubtely Sydney's most famous sight and detected as one of the 20th century's most characteristic and famous buildings. But why ?

Well located on Circular Quay, near Sydneys central business district, close to the also quite famous Harbour Bridge that allows visitors to find their way over Sydney Harbour to the North Shore, the building and it surroundings form an remarkable and unique Australian image.
Dance, concerts, opera and theatre are staged in the five performance spaces covered by the likewise artistic complex that causes Tourists, most with no interest in opera, throng to the building in their thousands purely to admire it's soaring shell like exterior. Whether you like it or not, there is no denying that to find 1,056,000 Swedish tiles establishing the buildings 67 meter high roof is highly impressive. Sadly, the architect Jorn Utzon died in 2008 having never seen the finished design in person.

"Sydney Opera House was formally recognised as one of the most outstanding places on Earth with its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the World Heritage Convention on 28 June 2007.
The expert report by the International Council on Monuments and Sites to the World Heritage Committee states, "Sydney Opera House stands by itself as one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity, not only in the 20th century but in the history of humankind."

From Denmark, Utzon said, "World Heritage Listing gives the building - on its peninsula, in the centre of the city - a completely new value."
"It is a gift to the city of Sydney." "