#51 100616

3 months in Australia so far. They say time is running when you're happy. Right now – time is running away from me, it is flying and sometimes I think I can't even catch up. But you always do, you always catch up, no matter how slow you go. There was a lot to do when we just arrived in Sydney. At the beginning it was about finding a couchsurfer, then about finding a job, about finding an apartment, about finding a bike... It seemed like this search would never find it's end. Now it just did and in it starts all over again. Finding a hostel, finding a way to save enough money..
My friend is leaving soon. 3 weeks left to spend with her in Sydney. One week of traveling. That's it. Then I will be alone again – while 'again' feels like as if it would actually be the first time right now. The good thing on which I am really looking forward to : more time to write, more time for me, more time to inhale Australia.
You know, it is beautiful to live here – to know that it is possible. It really is. I know that I can always 'run' – I learned so far that there is always the opportunity to just escape and build a new life somewhere. But isn't that too easy ? You can never run away from yourself. Not really.
That's why it is, why it will always be the healthiest way (at least for me) to go home at some point. To face the reality. That is what my friend does. She is ready – I am not. Not yet. I have to see the world, feed my hunger and see myself more clearly. (Oh, and I definitely have to improve my english!)
This is my first post in that style. I always liked it way more to write on an actual paper that on my laptop. In that way I can improve, change my writing afterwords – but do the actual thing, the writing like I love it.