Aren't we all dreaming a lot ? Aren't we saying 'what if' too often ? Why don't we just do it ? Why don't we all just live our dreams ?
There are so many people out there which are stuck in there office job, struggling to get to the end of each single day without the smallest piece of passion for what they do anymore. “It is good money”, “I worked so hard to get here” , “What else should I do?” … How do you call it ? - stupid excuses ?
If you are not happy about your job, your relationship or (worst of all) your life in generall – just change it ! We all have those big, unreachable dream that we might call stupid from time to time. That one dream that always stay's to bring a hint of light in out darkest hours, to lead us back to those shining hope when we are close to give up. But we do only have those one, limited life gifted to us by something higher. So what are we waiting for ? So why don't we just life it ? Why don't we just go for it ? Why don't we just ****ing do it ?
I have been looking at things so much, I have been thinking so much, I made so endless numbers of plans in my head. I painted these incredible, stunning picture in my head. It showed my inner eyes a beautiful life, the life I would have when following all of those plans I had (and still have). If I would just do it, if I would just convert all those thoughts in actions... I was stuck at the beginning of the road, unable to realize that my tank is full, concentrated on planing the way while I did not even started the journey. It was so easy to get lost in my own head, easy to stay there and to pretend.
But don't you buy a flower to look at it. You inhale it's tasty odor to exhale all of your bad vibes. So, how long does that last if you don't water the flower? Whether you forget it, don't find the time to do it or don't have the liquid to water it. The flower can't take it into account, the flower won't have the smallest choice, the flower will just die - slowly. It will loose it beautiful leaves, it's shining color will fade and it's head will face the dead ground on which it is based. Why do we keep plants if we don't nourish them ? Why do we kill?
I do not want to let all of my flowers die but to find those diet out of thousands that makes them growing even taller and colors them brighter. I realized that I do not have to change my dreams, that I don't have to buy new flowers, but to change my daily actions to led me there someday.
You – only you – are the author of the story they call life, of your story. I am gonna write mine in a way I will never regret. What about you ?

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