#57 040816

So. It has been a really long time since I took the time to be active here on my little baby. Well, I have been damn busy – and broke. I'm still broke, counting $3 on my bank account, but my Laptop is charged, my music playing, the sun is shining and my van parked safely. Yes, I am living out of a van – but let's start where we left of. Adelaide, Roadtrip, traveling alone again.
So let's see what I wrote down more than a months ago !
Sydney. Bondi. Beach. “awful painting of waves here” I can hardly remember my last day off – can hardly remember my last – public – piece of writing. So this one I call 'diary', so where do I start ? (bad repetition Kim) Before my friend left, we flew to Adelaide, spend a few beautiful days there together and made our way along the stunning Great Ocean Road up to Melbourne. As I happened to be the only one holding a valid drivers license, I had the pleasure to drive us all the 800km (roughly) from A to B (or 'M' in this case – your not as funny as you think you are). It was, without even the smallest thought of doubt (pretty sure the formulation is not correct at all), the most beautiful drive of my life so far, the most exiting one and (also) the most thoughtful one. (If this would be a serious article, I would change the word 'thought' below – well, past-Kim: my auto correction agrees with that). We had rain, darkness, assholes on the road driving next to me (oh yes!) - but nothing matters (well, some of them made me really crazy) as we enjoyed the overwhelming presence of the endless ocean lingering to our right. I will not miss to write a more detailed, better written article about this memory, as it was one of the best ones in my life. It lightened up that fire inside of me, which I failed to keep alive for some time (drama baby). We arrived in Melbourne, enjoyed our last days together. She flew home & I made my way back to Sydney (again by catching an uneconomical plane). Alone again, when I arrived at the KXB (Kings Cross Backpacker Hostel), where I stayed for the next few weeks, working for accommodation, saving money, following my other job as a waitress and being haunted by this more than unpleasant feeling of that I do nothing but working. What a life. It's not like I couldn't do all that – physically: no worries. But you know what? - I don't f*** want to. Not anymore. Not in Australia.
That's why I decided to move out, find a flat and pay rent. (and this is where the part in which I loose my money and end up completely broke in a van starts) That was one of the best decisions during my time here so far (yep, broke but happy). I decided to live again. (Yeah.. we got it Kim – good decision). To take a break, don't let the money pressure push me down, don't let work tiring me out till I have no energy left, don't live my life like that. (Got it? Good decision “approving smiley here pls).It might sound a bit too serious but - for me – that decision was incredibly important (Bla Bla Bla). I moved to a great shared flat in Bondi, spent time at the beach, had good parties with my flatmates and enjoyed my awesome life. (For three weeks, until the landlord kicks us out – but more of that later)