Am I only complaining ? Cause I do feel like I am at the moment. Complaining about myself, about my life and - of course -  about my art. About the money I really never have (nothing new actually), about the weather (which is in fact really good over here compared to Germany), about my flatmates keeping the apartment pretty messy (hate it!) and here and there some guys being silly little boys. Well, as you see, actually I am just complaining about myself, because that is where it all comes from. Being happy is a decision, one I did make. I am happy. It still feels like there is those little piece missing, the writing - as usual - the art. I want to write. I have to write. It is the missing piece. So, well, I am on it. I mean, not to write some nonsense like that, but some useless sh**. Some articles to help you guys out there making the most of their travels, no matter if long or short. You look at all these great travel blogs, being inspired, amazed and intimated. How do they write those beautiful lines ? How did they get through all these html sh** ? Why can I not write like that ?
Well, let's find out and give it a shot, cause that is all I have.
**This post is so much more for me, but that is how I want this to be. This blog, mine. Authentic and honest.