Finally. I finally pressed those small blue 'publish' button that converted my draft into an actual post. I have been planing to write this article for so long, read so many (damn good ones) from other writers, wrote down many many phrases in those little book that was supposed to lead me through this. I wanted to give you a really good, professional guide about how to spend a short time in Adelaide. Well, don't get me wrong, I still want to write professional guides for those you out there who need advise, but I had to admit that I am not there yet. I know that I am just starting, I know that my English is not as good as I want it to and I know that I need to improve also my writing a lot. Anyhow, I've decided to just jump down from that cliff which would not allow me to have a glance at the ground I am facing, I've decided to just write that article. Right now.
I don't change my goal – never change my dreams – but I change my path. I chose the way that might be a bit longer - therefore less stony and full of light to nourish my heart.
However, who of you is planing a trip to Adelaide but short on time ?
When visiting any place, I hardly try to avoid the feeling of that I am 'not done', that my limited eye hasn't seen enough of those piece of our big world which is surrounding me there. I do really like to read through some guides in order to convince myself of that I took advantage of my time.
That is why I want to share with you my ultimate guide on how to see, do and eat your way through the very best of Adelaide.
The capital of south Australia has so much more to offer than the (absolutely tasty) wine it is so well known for. Not only that the city will feed your eyes with deeply green colors you can spot in it's many parks, but you will find your attention distracted by stylish architecture, your ears gently listening to some relaxed street music and your naked feet kept warm by the sand you find at the 30km of beaches stretching along its suburb.
So here's my ultimate guide on how to spend a day in Adelaide !
First things first - Breakfast at Nutrition Republic
Start your day at at the southern territory of the city with a pilgrimage to the adoring combination of great coffee and healthy food : Nutrition Republic (1/100 King William Road, Goodwood, South Australia 5034 ). I was truly amazed by this place as it offers not only the great coffee I have already mentioned, but a wide range of other drinks as any sort of tea and fresh juices at reasonable prices. In combination with one of their delicious breakfast bowls or just some baked goodies, this place is ideal to treat yourself in the the morning.
(around $20 for a big breakfast)
Beach baby !
I hope you packed your swimsuit as Adelaide has stunning beaches to offer which you shouldn't miss. Walk approx 15 min to the tram stop (Stop 2, Wayville) and catch the train towards Glenelg, which will take you close to the ocean within 25min. Get off at Moseley square (Stop 17) take out your blanket, enjoy the sun and give yourself some time to relax at this beautiful white-sand beach.
Believe me one thing - I know too well, that you could spend your whole day here, but you should really not miss a walk through the historic village. As soon as the sun start's scorching your skin, it is time to browse Glenelg's bustling shops and pretty caf├ęs on Jetty Road, mosey through Moseley Square and along the jetty as you overlook the water and don't miss a quick look into the free museum (located in the Town Hall in Moseley Square) to expand your knowledge with some details about the area's rich history and heritage.
Lunch – Vego and Love'n it
Once you're done scoping down the beach head back towards the city and convince yourself of that a burger doesn't need meat to be delicious ! The tram 'H20' (from Zone B Colley Tce - West side, close to Moseley Square) will easily take you to Stop 1 Grenfell St - North side, from which Vego and Love'n it is reachable within a few steps. If you haven't figured it out yet, you're going to need a pair of pants that stretches with you – as the wide range of veggie burgers is simply overwhelming. You will be able to combat your hunger for around $15.
The north terrace
Stuffed ? Go for a walk to support your body digesting ! Make your way over to the northern parts of the city and wander around. Apart from the State Parliament, The University of Adelaide and the Convention Centre, this area hosts the impressive Art Gallery of South Australia presenting big names of Australian art and the South Australian Museum. Round off your walk by visiting among 50 hectares of maintained gardens and impressive pieces of architecture in the Botanic Garden. Depending on your interests, it is the best place to get deeper in whether the history, the art, the people or the nature of that place.
Adelaide Oval
Considered as one of the most attractive grounds in the world, the Adelaide Oval is not to miss on your trip – walk approx 15min from the Art Gallery via Kintore Ave and soak in the energy of this impressive building. Depending on your time and points of interests, you can do a guided tour $22 for around to explore inside the iconic scoreboard and get to know more about it's history. (Tours operate at 2pm on weekdays, which means that you would probably have to modify your plan a little bit to be there in time – I suggest to go before you are heading to the north terrace)
Dinner, please !
Hungry? Grab some delicious dinner at The Hungry Hippo, located on Hindley Street (196 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000). Get here within 10 min by walking around 15 min (1,7km) or be a bit more lazy and let the the bus (273, 98A) give you a lift from Stop 2 Montefiore Rd - East side to Stop 1 Montefiore Rd - East side. Choose your meal of choice from their extensive menu and spend your waiting time playing one of their board games – yes, you did not read wrong, they offer a wide variety of broad games to affordable prices and make sure you are having a good time by giving you great advises. The experience is definitely worth a try ! (around $25 to fill your stomach and to play)
Somebody said drinks ?
It's time to test out Adelaide's bustling bar scene, by walking around 700km along Currie St towards the small laneway quarter around Gilbert Place. You will find yourself in between an exploration of inner city personality and fancy streets. Industrial spaces, quirky facades and inviting breweries – it's all to spot there. I highly recommend you to move your feed on Peel St, where they can easily carry you into Clever little Tailor (19 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000). Escape the streets and fling open the little wooden door to reveal those charming spot. Take a seat and enjoy your beverage of choice by the fantastic atmosphere you fill find yourself surrounded by.
(If you feel like going out check out the surrounding nightclubs such as Zhivago, Red Square and many more to dance the night away !)

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