Water. Water everywhere, for everything, from everywhere. We use it, we need it, we like it, do we appreciate it ? Where do you get the water you consume everyday from ? From the tap ? From the supermarket? Sadly, the answer to that question depends on where you live. If you are living in Germany or any other western country the first answer will probably suit you. Tap water. Clean, easy and cheap. If your living in India, Malaysia or another country in south east asia you have to buy your water at the supermarket. No problem, it is definitely affordable. If you are a resident of india I could guess your answer. Maybe you can buy your water, it's almost free. Maybe you can not cope with that output. Maybe you do not have those 8ct to buy clean water. 
So, do we appreciate those significant liquid our water tap offers us every day for 'free' ?

When I travelled through Asia I was almost forced to study the water around me when standing on one of those boats which were taking me from one place through the water. From one place to the other crossing those blanket of fluidity, those endless blue, those unconquerable monster. Looks flat and deep, bright and dark, calm and wild. Sometimes I felt like I could just take a step and walk away above those water, sometimes, I swear, I am almost sure it would carry me. To wherever I wanna go.