Beside all the unique animals we got to see in Melbourne the city itself is simply amazing. You can find beautiful street art, interesting museums and stunning architecture there. And as I am really interesting in all those kind of things I did enjoy our stay there a lot and took pictures like crazy. Most of those you can see down here were shot at the free walking tour we did which I can highly recommend to everybody who plans to visit the city. You get so many information's from your local guide and well..it is free ! Actually we found out that there are quite a lot things you can do without being forced to pay (while of course it is always nice to donate though). That's why I decided to just make a list for those of you who will stop by in Melbourne as well as for me as I am thinking about going back at one point.

Neben den vielen Tieren die wir waehrend unseres Trips nach Melbourne entdecken durften, habe ich die Zeit in der Innenstadt auch sehr geniessen koennen. Es gibt unglaublich viel Kunst zu entdecken, aber auch die Museen sowie die Architektur ist nicht zu verachten. Fuer jeden der sich fuer solche interessiert, so wie ich es tue, ist die sie deshalb auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert. Es sind dort drueben Unmengen an Fotos entstanden, die meisten schaetzungsweise waehrend der 'Free walking Tour' die wir gemacht haben. Auch diese kann ich bedingungslos empfehlen, man bekommt sehr viele Informationen und muss wie gesagt nicht einmal zahlen ! So haben wir mit Begeisterung feststellen duerfen dass es darueber hinaus eine riesige Auswahl an kostenlosen Freizeitaktivitaeten gibt (Spenden sind natuerlich immer gern gesehen). Ich habe mich fuer eine kleine To-Do-List entschieden ,um all diese Dinge sowohl fuer diejenigen von euch die es eventuell nach Melbourne fuehren sollte als auch fuer mich, die mit dem Gedanken spielt eines Tages dorthin zurueckzugehen festzuhaalten.

1. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria (and don't forget to check out there free tours!)
  • Even though I haven't done one of their tours I spend almost two full days there and liked their varied exhibitions a lot
  • I don't have much to ad at this point as I already shared my experience above - just check out their side if you feel like getting some more information
3. Hang out at Federation Square
  • Probably the best way to get a feeling for whats going on in Melbourne
  • And don't forget to check out there daily tours as well ! 
5. Visit the Eureka Skydeck
  • Not free but worth it - the view up there is breathtaking
6. Take your blanket and chill out in the Royal Botanic Garden
  • get your book and some food and just relax at that beautiful place when your feet start hurting from all the sightseein tours!
7.If you fell like spending some money visit the DFO Outlet shopping center
  • They got awesome offers which will prove to you that Australia don't has to be as expensive as everybody may tells you - but be careful not to get in a shopping rush ! (I did kind of)
8. Check out the Woodland historic park
  • it is a huge park close to the airport where you will find wild kangaroos and may finally get that I-am-in-Australia-feeling as I did !
9. Definitely figure out if you can make it to Phillip island
  • we did a full day tour and were amazed by that place (they will just give you plenty flyers from several travel agencies on arrival - that's the tour we did)
10. Of course do not forget to get to see the famous 12 Apostles somehow
  • Even though it is a big tourist attraction it must be beautiful (we sadly didn't make it there) - maybe you can get to see it out of a helicopter as we found a lot of agencies offering that !
11. Last but not least : If anyone is in Melbourne right now - definitely visit the temporary exhibition 'Andy Warhol - Ai WeiWei' in the National Galerie and let me see your pictures !
(till the 24th of April)

 Well .. the Outlet Center ..treat yourself !

 Eureka Skydeck !

 Chinatown (during the walking tour)

 Beautiful contrasts in those street art !

 Flinders St Station
- That building was actually supposed to be in Bombay by the way. They got confused somehow and caused that the one that was planed to be in Melbourne is now there in India. I will definitely check out when back there later this year -

 Federation Square 
- Declared to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world. What do you think ? (I like it a lot) -

 A kind of random picture taken on Phillip island as I like all of them 
- more will follow soon -